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Copper Foil sputtered Graphite Thermal Film

Copper Foil sputtered Graphite Thermal Film

Product structure

nano-grade graphite

Copper foil

 Product Introduction: 

‧ It is a composite material that combines copper foil and graphite through a sputtering process.
‧ This material can be used as a substitute for heat dissipation copper foil and artificial graphite.
‧ It is a heat dissipation material that has both temperature uniformity and rapid thermal conductivity effects.
‧ Graphite copper foil can be used to replace copper foil for EMI Shielding due to its thermal conductivity, which provides both shielding and cooling effects.
‧ This material dissipates heat in two ways based on heat conduction and heat radiation in thermodynamics.
‧ Ultra-thin (< 0.1mm ) and light weight, suitable for fanless or non-ventilated environments.
‧ Depending on the area of use and the thickness of the copper foil, with ultra-thin double-sided tape, the cooling effect can reach 4~11 degrees. 
‧ Applied to LED products, in addition to cooling down, it can increase the brightness of LEDs, and is a cost-effective heat-conducting material.
‧ It can relieve the interface stress of LED, keep the brightness of LED stable, and slow down the problem of light decay.
‧ The copper foil is sputtered with a layer of nano-grade graphite by the Roll to Roll sputtering process, without colloidal interference in the middle, and the heat dissipation effect is better.
‧ Sputtering is a kind of PVD deposition technology. We sputtered the carbon atoms from graphite target onto the copper foil substrate, and deposited them on the surface to form a diamond-like carbon(DLC) with copper foil composites.
‧ DLC can adjust the thermal expansion rate of copper foil.
‧ Copper foil treated with DLC diamond-like carbon can relieve interface stress generated during chip packaging
‧ DLC films can make the surface of workpieces or products have special properties similar to or close to diamonds, thus improving the functional characteristics of workpieces.
‧ The copper foil surface treated by DLC treatment can improve the overall thermal conductivity, increase the surface hardness and wear resistance, and reduce the surface reflectivity.

‧ Temperature uniformity effect is better than expensive artificial graphite flakes.
‧ Compared with common artificial graphite sheets, it is bending-resistant and does not flaking.
‧ If insulation adhesive processing is required, the adhesive can be attached to the copper foil surface

copper foil sputter graphite heat transfer

 How to use: 
1. Attach the copper foil to the heat source, the heat will be quickly conducted to the graphite surface through the high longitudinal thermal conductivity of the copper foil

2. At this time, the carbon atoms of the sputtered nano-scale graphite distribute the heat energy evenly due to its high thermal radiation efficiency.

Because the material itself is conductive, it is suitable for heat dissipation products that do not require insulation.
If there is a need for electrical insulation, it is recommended to use it with Mylar sheets.
*It is recommended to use ultra-thin thermally conductive double-sided tape for bonding (10~30um, the thinner the glue, the better the effect of graphite copper foil)
In order to achieve good results, please attach the double-sided tape tightly to the copper foil side and the heat source side.
Our materials are recommended to be used on heat sources with flat surfaces, as the heat dissipation effect will be better.

*We have a comparison table of thermal conductive materials-Copper Foil sputtered Graphite Thermal Film VS artificial graphite. Please click the bottom line link in front to watch.

*We have done a heat dissipation experiment: Comparing the cooling effect of 100um copper foil vs 100um graphite copper foil, you can click on the bottom line on the left to watch.

*Measured data on LED backlight heat dissipation and brightness improvement.

-Heat Spreaders for LSI packages
-Base plates for power semiconductor modules,LEDs,Amplifiers

Suitable for all kinds of electronic products that require flat temperature uniformity or heat dissipation, 
e.g.,Smartphone,Tablet,Laptop,CPU,GPU,Adaptor,Backlight Module,Display,LED TV...

LED thermal material
Copper Foil Graphite Radiator Film

Thermal Graphite Copper Film for PCB
Graphite Copper Foil Radiator Film

Shipping Specifications:
-All the products are with Single Side graphite
-Roll width: 500mm

Item No. Copper foil thickness
( um )
GOS018NY3-P01 18
GOS035NY5-P01 35
GOS050NY6-P01 50
GOS070NY4-P01 70
GOS100NY7-P01 100
GOS140NY8-P01 140

**Basically, the larger the area of this material or the thicker the copper thickness you use, the better the temperature uniformity and heat dissipation effect.

**Sputtered graphite on both sides of copper foils is also available upon special request.**

Physical properties of 35um Copper Foil sputtered Graphite Thermal Film

Copper foil thickness 0.035 (mm)
Density 8.2 (g/cm3)
Heat resistance 400(℃)
Thermal Conductivity-XY axis 1000↑(W/m K)
Thermal Conductivity-Z axis 320↑(W/m K)
Conductivity 2*106 (S/M)
Bending resistance
(180 degree bending)
100,000 ↑
Tensile strength
(horizontal direction)
≧ 28 (Mpa)
Processing merits
  • It can be die-cut by roll-to-roll processing and it can also save mold cost.
  • It is bending-resistant and does not flaking.
  • No additional film material is required 
  • It can be reworked.

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