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PCB Copper, ED Cu vs Ra Cu vs Sputter+Plating Cu

FCCL-ED Cu vs Ra Cu vs Sputter+Plating Cu

ED Cu vs RA Cu vs Sputter Plating Cu

Copper foil used in FPC industry can be roughly divided into two categories: rolled copper foil (RA copper foil) and electrolytic copper foil (ED copper foil). Among them, rolled copper foil has good ductility and other characteristics, which is used in the early flexible board process, while electrolytic copper foil has the advantage of lower manufacturing cost than rolled copper foil.

Because the technology of RA copper foil is in the hands of key makers, there are fewer manufacturers. Therefore, it is difficult for customers to gain an advantage in price and supply. Therefore, most people in the market will choose to use ED copper foil instead of expensive RA copper foil to make FCCL without affecting the performance of products.

Thus, another new production technology-sputtering/copper electroplating process has been developed in the market. Because this type copper layer is very thin, it is only nanometer copper thickness or 2um~9um thickness, which has considerable advantages in the design of light and short flexible FPC products.

Of course, in the design of high-frequency flexible board products, RA copper foil or sputtered/electroplated copper foil products with fine copper layer will be one of the targets selected by customers in the future due to telecommunication considerations.

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